Incorporation of Companies

In Fernández Secco we have more than 35 years of experience incorporating and selling Uruguayan and foreign commercial companies. Our team of professionals offers a rapid and personalized solution in the structuring process of commercial companies, offering pre incorporated and personalized companies.

We offer a maintenance service to new companies that includes accounting, fiscal, legal, notary and social security services.

Information of interest about Uruguayan commercial companies

The Law of Commercial Companies Nº 16,060 regulates Uruguayan companies. In accordance with the commercial practice in our country, the social types more commonly used are Corporations (with registered or bearer shares) and Limited Liability Companies (personal type of companies).

Natural persons or legal persons, residents or non-residents can own Uruguayan social shares.

In regards to their administration, it can be carried out by an Administrator or a Board, which can in turn be formed by natural persons or legal persons, either residents or non-residents.

The incorporation of societies department offers the following services:

– Incorporation of public limited companies.

– Maintenance of the companies’ accounting books.

– Inscription of the Board before Registro Nacional de Comercio (RNC), BPS and DGI.

– Proceedings for the modifications and restructuring the company underwent before the Auditoría Interna de la Nación (AIN)

– Increase of the paid in capital and the notification to AIN.

– Shareholders agreements.

– Opening bank accounts before local banks.

– Notification of who owns the capital participations made out to the bearer before Banco Central del Uruguay.

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